The foundation was established in 2018 by founder, Mark Raymond Jr., a native New Orleanian. Mark is a graduate of Brother Martin High School and Xavier University of Louisiana. On July 4, 2016 Mark became a C-5 quadriplegic after diving into shallow water while boating on Lake Pontchartrain with friends. After a long journey and clear understanding of the local challenges during recovery, Mark now strives to find advanced treatment and training for those with SCI.


Prior to his accident Mark worked in audio video production with his primary focus being audio engineering for large events such as concerts and sporting events. Mark has always been athletic and adventurous whether running, weight lifting, biking, swimming, or playing tennis. His goal is to not only find ways to live in a wheelchair, but to work hard to get OUT of the wheelchair.

Mark Raymond Jr.


While this life-changing event has presented new challenges and adventure, Mark’s jovial spirit, enthusiasm, smile and one-of-a kind humor remains the driving force to all those around him. Mark’s goal is to bear the torch for other SCI patients and help find ways of learning not to live in a wheelchair, but to work hard to get out of the wheelchair, because anything can happen in a split second.



Mark's perseverance and vision is evident in everything he does. Whether it's learning to walk or creating safe spaces to foster independence for victims of spinal cord injuries, he embodies determination.

  • “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God”


— Mark 10:27

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